Evaluation: The strand of cognitive thinking that holds life together.

Evaluative Organization

CompassSince the days of Pharaohs building pyramids and Chinese emperors constructing irrigation systems, formal social groupings of humans have been constructed and reconstructed for specific purposes.

From a postmodern perspective, organizations are no longer a closed-natural system to be controlled but a complex responsive system that is emergent, self-organizing, and dynamical.

These characteristics require a different approach to creating, leading, and evaluating high performance organizations. The insights into evaluation, strategy, and complexity presented in this blog are intended to stimulate critical thinking that leads to actions to produce more effective organizations for the benefit of organizational members and society.

A Checklist Approach to Evaluate Organizational Performance

The Organizational Effectiveness Checklist (OEC) is a tool for professional evaluators, organizational consultants, and management practitioners to use when designing or conducting an evaluation of organizational performance. The pragmatic approach is firmly grounded in organizational, management, and evaluation fields and features a set of discrete and well-defined criteria to assess organizational performance.  Read more or download the latest version of the Organizational Effectiveness Checklist (OEC).

Evaluative Thinking Blog

Looking for new perspectives on organizational evaluation? Visit my blog to read my latest thoughts on organizational evaluation and to access articles written about evaluation, strategy, and complexity in organizations. All opinions expressed on this blog are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of any others.